You are Not Fat! You’re Only Bloated!

“Gas and bloating are tough to talk about, but we’ve all have had to deal with these afflictions at one time or another. Although they’re not pleasant, there are things you can do to prevent and treat them.”

“Most gas and bloating stem from your diet. When you eat, bacteria living in your gut feast on the carbohydrates your body can’t digest. They release hydrogen, methane, and other gases, which swell up your belly. Eventually your body expels the gas in the form of flatulence.”

“Gas also can be caused by air you swallow. Try eating smaller meals and chewing slowly, so you don’t inhale extra air. Avoid carbonated drinks, which can increase belching. Most of the time gas is more of an annoyance than a health issue.”

If you want to maintain a flat tummy, it’s IMPORTANT to keep your gut in a healthy zone. Here are some of the main causes of bloating:

Insufficient water intake

If you’re not drinking adequate water and beverage too much alcohol or coffee, you will experience bloating. When there’s insufficient water in the body, it will start utilizing the liquids conserved in the tissues, leading to water retention and bloating too.

Not enough fiber

Fiber is definitely important for our digestion, and by not consuming it frequently, you will experience irregularity and bloating as well. Like with all other nutrients, excessive fiber is likewise too much, so make sure to consume it in minimal quantities.


Stress is one of the overlooked reasons for bloating and other gastrointestinal problems. When the body is under a great deal of stress, it will prevent the proper performance of the gastrointestinal system, leading to the look of bloating.

Not chewing food properly

Chewing too quick and swallowing your food in big pieces can make you swallow a lot of air too, which can cause bloating.

Too much carbs

Taking in a high amount of carbs every day is likewise a cause of bloating. Consume low-carb foods and stop consuming excessive alcohol and sugar in order to keep your digestive system in check.