What you have to know before you start the Chrono Diet!


To accurately understand the Chrono nutrition, in this article we will present the basic rules:

  1. The most foods are allowed during this diet and the amount of food intake is also not essential (no starvation or waiver).
  2. A particular type of food (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals) is consumed at a designated time of the day.
  3. You need to reduce intake of foods with a high glycemic index (food that quickly increases blood sugar) and simple sugars.
  4. Time between meals should be between 4-6 hours (the ideal distance between the servings is 5 hours).
  5. Diet is primarily based on the secretion of the hormone cortisol and insulin and enzymes for digestion (which are secreted at different times of the day).
  6. There are 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snack.
  7. During the diet, food is prohibited between meals, even a nibble.
  8. Breakfast has to be the most abundant.
  9. Sugar is forbidden to consume for breakfast (fruit, honey or anything sweet is not allowed for breakfast).
  10. It is forbidden to consume: cow’s milk, yogurt, vegetable fats and cheese, margarine, baked pastry
  11. Sweet, including fruit is eaten in the afternoon – as a snack.
  12. There is a period of restriction (usually apply to people who want to lose a larger number of pounds) which lasts at least one month.
  13. Avoid cooking starchy vegetables, because cooking increases the glycemic index of these foods (fresh carrots is healthier than cooked).
  14. During the diet you cannot consume carbonated drinks.
  15. Combining protein and carbohydrates is allowed only for breakfast (that is, for lunch or dinner, you should not combine these).
  16. During the diet, you cannot eat bread, pasta, starchy vegetables and rice after 3 p.m.
  17. The only alcohol beverage you can drink is red wine.
  18. It is desirable to introduce as much liquid in the organism (water and non-sweetened herbal teas).
  19. Chrono diet is not classic diet, it should become a long-term way of nutrition for you.


This diet was first conceived as a form of nutrition, not a classic diet. However, many people have considerable overweight, so Dr. Gifing introduced a special restrictive period within the Chrono nutrition.

As we have said, you can eat sweets and fruits for a snack. The restriction means that the snack is completely out of the daily menu, even fruit. It is necessary to generally reduce the intake of food during this period, especially sugar. Occasionally you should eject starchy vegetables and carbohydrates for lunch. Why throw these foods out? Because they are full of sugar.

Period of restriction is a period in which you clean the and then actually lose excess weight. Spacing between meals during this time should be 5 hours.

For breakfast, you can eat pastry of all kinds of flour, except wheat and corn. You can use: spelt wheat, buckwheat, oat, barley, rye and other flour. Not allowed mixing of dairy products and eggs, as well as several different proteins. For lunch, do not eat starchy vegetables and legumes (we have listed the reasons why); while dinner should be a “lighter” – a type of protein and green or white vegetables.

Period of restriction lasts a minimum of 28 days (one month). But of course you can end the restriction before this deadline if you already have lost the desired amount of weight.

If someone has a really big overweight, restriction may take over a year!