Stye common symptoms and 7 Home Remedies

A stye is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands at the base of the lashes that are very annoying.

Among the most common symptoms are:

  • Slight swelling of the eyelid
  • Redness
  • Pain

Styes can occur at any age, but the causes may vary. In boys are usually triggered by poor hygiene (touch eyes with dirty hands). In adults, they often appear not to clean contact lenses properly. In both cases the bacteria called Staph is the common element that causes it.

However, the stye may also be caused as a result of diseases such as anemia, diabetes, thyroid or hormone disorders, allergies, chronic eye inflammations, etc..

There are several home remedies very curious employees in various parts of America and Europe, which are described below

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for stye # 1: Find a key old and big, rub until hot and apply it on the eye so that they will look into the handle. It should be applied as soon as you feel the initial discomfort. If it is not, seek a marriage alliance. The important thing is that the element is hot because the heat causes a stye fighting.
  2. Remedy for stye # 2: Heat a little saliva in the palm of your hand and then put it on the eyelid sick
  3. Remedy for stye # 3: Apply warm compresses for 10 minutes 4 times a day.
  4. Remedy for stye # 4: Place a swab or a cloth with water as hot to be tolerated in the eyelid area for five minutes, two or three times a day until the stye drain and disappear.
  5. Remedy for stye # 5: Apply compresses soaked in an infusion of 20 g of flowers of cornflower added to a quart of boiling water.
  6. Remedy for stye # 6 Wash a piece of spinach and then heated, with a little water for five minutes. Strain liquid and cool the chard. When warm, apply directly to the affected area, with his eyes closed for half an hour. The operation is repeated three times a day until they disappear styes.
  7. Remedy for stye # 7 Prepare an infusion of marigold with a tablespoon of dry petals for every pint of water. Strain the liquid, then dip a gauze to be placed on the affected eyelid to cool. Repeat three times daily.


  • Do not squeeze, pinch or press the stye may run the risk that the infection will run around the eye. Although the stye is has formed a head, must let it drain by itself.
  • Do not use eye makeup when you stye Thus you are risking contamination of cosmetic applicators and infection. To prevent the formation of stye, do not share your cosmetics and applicators. It also involves eye makeup or cosmetics with others.
  • See a doctor if after applying the remedies and the above recommendations, do not notice improvement in two or three days, it’s time to see a doctor.

Preventive measures may be recommended as follows:

  • No eyelashes scratch
  • Do not use cosmetics abundant in the area.
  • Occasionally wash the eyes and eyelids with chamomile tea.