Sore Neck Common Causes and 5 Home Remedies

Because of its complicated structure (muscles, vertebrae and nerves) and the fact that moves constantly and must hold head weighing between 3.5 and 5 kilos, the neck is vulnerable to tension, stiffness and often even pain.

Among the most common causes of neck pain are:

  • Poor posture (keeping head tilted or in an awkward position)
  • Stress
  • Use a pillow inadequate
  • Muscle spasms due to a sudden movement (torticollis)
  • Injuries

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for a sore neck # 1 Prepare a bath with an infusion of three orange peel, four leaves of lettuce and two tablespoon of honey which must be mixed in a pint of water and then boiled for 20 minutes. This infusion should then be added to water in the bathtub. This relaxing bath will help a lot if you have neck pain is caused by stress.
  2. Remedy for a sore neck # 2 Slide several times, from right to left, a towel soaked with marjoram or rosemary oil on the neck.
  3. Remedy for a sore neck # 3 Prepare a poultice with a piece of clean cotton cloth and several drops of tincture of arnica to relieve pain.
  4. Remedy for sore neck # 4 Massaging the neck twice daily with a mixture of crushed garlic, half a head with a stick of camphor.
  5. Remedy for sore neck # 5 Apply to the neck in a plastic bag containing crushed ice covered in a pillowcase (cloth towel is too thick to effectively convey the cold) if the neck has received some minor injury to reduce inflammation. Once it has diminished, apply a towel soaked in warm water for 10 minutes.


Some recommendations for people who suffer from neck pain are::

Sleeping on a firm mattress. If waking stiff neck or sore, the culprit could be the mattress. It is advisable to use a firm mattress to keep the head horizontal.

Avoid pillows too thick. The very thick pillows cause neck pain. Therefore, we suggest using shredded foam pillows instead of solid foam. Another good option is to purchase a cervical pillow which give adequate support to the neck even, there are people with neck pain that feels better just because no pillow to sleep horizontally.

Sit on a firm chair. Because the spine includes the bones in the skull base, sitting in a chair that does not provide adequate support will increase the chances of neck pain.

Use a towel for support. You can wrap a towel and placed at the base of her back when sitting in order to better align ka spine and neck.

Accommodate the position of the computer monitor. If you need to work all day in front of a computer, it is desirable that the screen is placed at eye level so that the neck rest and thus avoid an awkward position.

Carefully lift things. It is important to properly lift objects. For this, you should bend your knees and keep your back erect while positioning the object between his feet, which must be separated. Then lift the object, keeping it as close as possible to your body.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position not only undermines the back, but also the neck. Instead, he prefers to sleep in a fetal position (side with knees to chest high). Do not sleep on your stomach, because it forces the head up.

Harboring his neck If it’s cold and moisture in the atmosphere is not only advisable to wear a hat, without also wear a scarf covering the neck, as this kind of weather can increase stiffness and neck pain.

Implement relaxation techniques. Because a large proportion of neck pain are caused by stress, we need to learn relaxation techniques like progressive relaxation or abdominal breathing.

For progressive relaxation, we should arrange a quiet place where no one can distract. Then you should sit or lie down and close my eyes. Then, starting with the head and neck and whole body down, put your muscles tense and then release the tension.
For abdominal breathing, sit quietly and breathe deeply, letting the air down into your abdomen. Then exhale completely, gently squeezing the stomach. Breathe deeply in this way for several minutes.
Besides these two techniques, you can create your own ways to relax. Do what works best.

Avoid bad habits that mistreat the neck. Do not hold the phone between the neck and shoulder when talking on the phone and try to write at least once, since it is an uncomfortable position because, after a while, neck stiffness and pain.

Also, avoid other actions as:

  • Shaving the face (for men) with the head tilted back,
  • Wash hair with shampoo in the sink
  • Take frequent breaks. Frequently change positions, especially if you must be in a position of great physical stress. Get up and walk around at least once every hour.
  • Doing exercises to stretch and strengthen the neck. To combat stiffness and prevent future problems, neck pain, it is advisable to do the following exercises five times each, twice a day.
  • Tilt head slowly as far forward as possible and then move your head as far back as possible.
  • Tilt your head toward your shoulder while keeping it still, and then straighten and bend toward the other shoulder.
  • Slowly return your head from side to side as far as possible.
  • Place your hand on one side of the head as it pushes against the hand then do the same exercise to the other side.
  • Do the same exercise above, but resisting against the forehead slightly while pushing it forward. After slight resistance to the neck, while pushing the head back.

Although most cases of neck pain is muscle tension origin which can be handled by home remedies, some types of neck pain should be attended by a physician.

It is therefore advised to receive medical assistance if the following symptoms:

  • Pain caused by injury.
  • Neck pain is accompanied by fever, headache, and muscle aches.
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms or hands.
  • Visual disturbances.
  • Neck pain increases or persists for several days despite home treatment.