Chrono Diet for Beginners!

Chrono nutrition has become a big hit in these last past years and has proved to be very beneficial for the human health and weight loss as well.

The key thing in this diet and type of nutrition is that it does not starve you and gives everything your body needs in order to become healthier and lose weight.

It does not force you to avoid certain foods and renounce them but it changes the combination of foods and time periods. Nutritionists state that eating the right foods in a specific time of the day can really benefits the body for many reasons.

This diet was first invented and used in France in 1986 and has grown in popularity much more since then. Many people are changing the regular way of eating with different styles that the chrono diet has and that has shown some great effects in the people that practice this way of clean eating.

There are a few rules and advices that this diet has especially for beginners:

  • There are no snacks not even fruits.
  • Milk is omitted from any day of the diet plant.
  • The time interval between meals should be 5-6 hours.
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited only deep red wine is allowed with 4 glasses a week.
  • No coffee before breakfast, only herbal tea and hot lemonade is allowed.

The usual meals of the day should look something like this:

  • Breakfast

Breakfast is obligatory and should include whole grains and integral flour breads. The breakfast can also include eggs, butter, healthy sources of protein, it can include meats, sausages and it should be the richest meal of the day. You should not mix eggs and dairy products nor two different dairy products.

  • Lunch

There are no starchy foods allowed but you can mix vegetables with meats as much as you like. Do not mix starchy foods and omit them completely. Eat meats or fish with some raw salad seasoned with herbs and extra virgin olive oil or lemon juice.

  • Dinner

It should be the lightest meal and you should combine lean meats, seafood and shellfish with some raw salad if you are full from what you ate before you can skin this meal of the day.

1 Week Chrono Diet Plan

Breakfast: integral flour bread, butter, sour milk with flaxseeds and chicken breast.
Lunch: cabbage with pork meat.
Dinner: white chicken meat with broccoli seasoned with lemon juice and garlic.

Breakfast: Integral flour bread with hummus or any healthy spread with ham.
Lunch: stuffed peppers with meat covered with egg whites.
Dinner: tuna with cucumber or lettuce salad.

Breakfast: integral flour bread, sunny side-up eggs, tomato salad and dried meats.
Lunch: chicken drumstick with a lot of fresh veggie salad topped with lemon juice.
Dinner: grated squash mixed with egg whites cooked as an omlet.

Breakfast: fried bacon, sour milk with mixed seeds.
Lunch: cauliflower, squash or potato puree and meatballs in tomato sauce.
Dinner: baked fish of you own choice.

Breakfast: integral flower bread, butter and scrambled eggs with parsley.
Lunch: pork with baked peppers.
Dinner: white chicken meat with a lot of fresh salad.

Breakfast: baked pork or bacon meat, fresh salad and feta cheese.
Lunch: goulash with green salad.
Dinner: fish with green salad.

Breakfast: integral flour bread with spread and tomato salad.
Lunch: fatty fish with green salad mix.
Dinner: tuna with onions and grated squash topped with lemon juice and olive oil.