Causes of Cough and 21 Natural Remedies

Coughing is the way the body uses to expel airway suddenly harmful substances like dust, excess mucus or other foreign body.

There are several types of cough. A cough at the end of a cold or flu which is a thick sputum. Another non-productive, dry, which only serves to irritate the airways and lead to more coughing. There are also occasional cough and sore throat tickling without and that is caused by smoking.

The causes of cough are varied:

  • Bronchitis,
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Allergy
  • Moisture-free environments.
  • Irritants
  • Side effects of medications.

Natural Remedies

  1. Cough remedy # 1: Apply to the chest poultices of hot mashed potatoes or medicinal clay.
  2. Cough remedy # 2: Make inhalations with saline solution
  3. Cough remedy # 3: Boil for 10 minutes, 1 / 8 ounces of water with 2 cloves garlic, minced (or chopped onion) 3 tablespoons sugar and allow to cool preparation. Take several tablespoons a day.
  4. Cough remedy # 4: Maceration for several hours, peel a radish mixed with plenty of sugar or honey. Take several tablespoons a day.
  5. Cough remedy # 5: Mix ΒΌ cup of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and drink it slowly.
  6. Cough Remedy # 6: Gargle with salt water
  7. Remedy for cough syrup # 7 Prepare a mixture of fresh cherry juice with honey in equal parts.
  8. Cough Remedy # 8: Boil a cup of milk with a teaspoon of honey and a sesame oil.
  9. Cough Remedy # 9: Cook over low heat, three chopped black figs in a cup of milk.
  10. Cough remedy # 10: Prepare a hot chicken soup with onions
  11. Cough remedy # 11: Eat a clove of garlic every three hours can be beneficial.
  12. Cough remedy # 12: Make an infusion of anise. For this, 20 g crushed anise seeds, pour over a cup of boiling water, cover and let stand for fifteen minutes. Overheats and takes a cup three times a day, very hot.
  13. Cough remedy # 13: Make a decoction of licorice also relieves the cough. Boil 30 g of the sliced root in a glass of water a minute and let it rest. You take a cup twice a day.
  14. Cough remedy # 14: Prepare an infusion with 3 figs in a cup of water which must be heated and when boiling, add the figs. Then let it rest for 5 minutes. Strain and drink hot. Take 1 cup in the morning or evening until the discomfort disappears.
  15. Cough remedy # 15: Draw up an expectorant healing juice small bunch of grapes, two stalks of celery and water (the amount desired). To do this, you should take it to liquefy the ingredients and preferably at night.
  16. Cough remedy # 16: Place a few drops of essential oil of thyme into the pillow.
  17. Cough remedy # 17: Prepare a hot carrot juice and drink a cup after each meal.
  18. Cough Remedy # 18 Mix a tablespoon of oregano, one of mauve and a thyme and place in a cup that has boiling water. Let stand for 5 minutes. This remedy eases cough.
  19. Cough Remedy # 19 Cook for 3 hours in 2 liters of water a kilo of onions cut with 200 grams of honey and 400 grams of brown sugar. When cool, drain and place in a glass bottle stoppered. Take three tablespoons a day.
  20. Remedy for Cough # 20 Combine equal parts thyme, outbreaks of pine, eucalyptus, anise and savory and place a spoonful of the mixture in a cup of water. Boil for 3 minutes, let stand ten and strain. Add a teaspoon of thyme honey and a slice of lemon. Take up to three glasses a day, hot.
  21. Cough Remedy # 21 Develop a thyme soup. To do this, boil for three minutes a sprig of thyme and then add grain toast, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.