9 Home Remedies for Scars

The scars are those brands that remain after injury, burns, acne and some skin diseases.

Defined as a permanent alternation of the appearance of the skin after collagen damage and repair thereof.

Its causes are divided into three:

* Courts: they can arise from accidents, strokes, surgery, shaved and falls.
* Burns on the skin can leave serious scars and hypertrophic wound (larger than normal) and quelohides (tumor thick wounds much relief)
* Diseases: May be caused by the varicella
* Color red or pink flesh where is located the site of injury
* Nodular which is a small hard round

To help the scars take a very similar color to skin tone of the person concerned, there are various folk remedies like these:

Home Remedies

1. Remedy for scar # 1: Honey, the pulp of aloe or aloe vera, castor oil and coconut butter are substances that can be applied directly to the affected area and to improve the appearance of the scar to the point where it is easy to identify where it was, but that if the application should be constant daily
2. In the case of aloe vera, there is a very good poultice to remove scars and whose ingredients are 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons milk and aloe vera pulp
3. It is prepared by squeezing the lemon juice and mixing it with milk. It spreads by mixing the stained area and, when dry, apply aloe vera pulp and cover with gauze or bandage. Act is left overnight and the next morning, apply sunscreen to moisturize the area.
4. Scar Remedy # 2: You should choose large shells, pulverized and then develop, with water, a paste should be placed on the scar every day.
5. Remedy for scar # 3: Exfoliating with a little sugar with honey which is applied in the marked areas and then rinse.
6. Scar Remedy # 4: Vitamin E may help prevent scarring and reduce recent. To do this, you must open a vitamin E capsule and drain the contents onto the affected area at least once a day.
7. Scar Remedy # 5: Grind 2 tablespoons fresh calendula petals or 1 of dried flowers with 4 tablespoons of wheat germ oil hardened and implement several times a day. This remedy is ideal for acne scars.
8. Scar Remedy # 6: Add two handfuls of chamomile flowers to a pint of boiling water and leave the tea. Then prepare a pad which, when applied in cold, accelerate the healing of minor injuries.
9. Scar Remedy # 7: Blend in a glass bottle 15 drops of essential oil of rose hip, 15 drops of sage oil and 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Heat the solution and anointed with a cotton ball at night and remove in the morning with warm water


There are several recommendations for dealing with scars:

* Avoid the sun at the new scars as it could be a dark scar fades or not so easy is suggested that during the first three months the scar is covered if the person is exposed to sunlight
* Wounds heal properly, because a wound that heals quickly is less likely to cause a scar. It is therefore necessary that occur as soon cut or scrape is clean with hydrogen peroxide and then must keep the wound moist with antibiotic ointment.
* Do not remove the crust as it could increase the chances of visible scarring.
* Treating the scars with care mainly in the bathroom because the swab in the hands of a very clean person can worsen their appearance and expose more skin to the elements