9 Home Remedies for Prostate Problems

The prostate is a small donut-shaped gland that is located around the urethra of men.

It is involved in the emission of seminal fluid during sexual intercourse and handles with the testes produce certain hormones that give the character manly men.

The causes that can cause inflammation of the prostate include frequent blows to the testicles, prolonged sitting (tailors, drivers, cobblers, etc..) Improperly cured venereal disease, abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

In addition to these causes, we must note that after 45 years, the prostate begins to grow. For that reason, a lot of older men suffer from this anomaly.

Because of its location, the symptoms of the disease are associated with urination (need to urinate frequently because they feel they have not completely emptied the bladder, urinary incontinence, weak stream of urine falls, etc.).. Also, there is sharp pain between the testicles and anus when urinating or when ejaculation during intercourse.

There are various Home Remedies to relieve prostate problem as follows:

Home Remedies

  1. Home remedy # 1: A traditional remedy is to eat pumpkin seeds (whole, without husking).
  2. Home remedy # 2: Eating bee pollen is beneficial against prostate hypertrophy.
  3. Home remedy # 3: Take a liquefied parsley, carrot and lemon which must be taken before breakfast ingredients are: 1 sprig parsley, 1 lemon, 1 large carrot and honey
  4. Is liquefied parsley and carrot, peeled beforehand, and added the juice of a lemon. If desired, add honey for sweetness.
  5. Home remedy # 4 Making coconut milk
  6. Home remedy # 5: Take hair infusions of corn and horsetail (Equisetum).
  7. Popular Remedy # 6: Take control guarantee shells made with beans or peas, corn and hair nettle, 4 tablespoons to a quart of water, cooking five minutes. The water from the chickpeas acts as a diuretic to help cleanse the prostate is taken on an empty stomach.
  8. Remedy popular # 7: Prepare a tea with 5 g of nettle lower, 5 g of dandelion and 1 pinch of poplar in a 1 / 2 liter of water. It should heat water to a boil with the herbs. Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes. Take once a day. Although this tea relieves inflammation of the prostate, some people may cause stomach reactions so it is best to take it with caution.
  9. Popular Remedy # 8: Practice before bed, hot sitz baths with rough water to reduce inflammation and relieve prostate. In the morning, apply cold water jets accompanied by friction in the lower abdominal region.


  • There are several recommendations for men suffering from prostate
  • Do not sit too long.
  • Exercise regularly, but not a bicycle as it might put pressure on your prostate. It recommends, instead, walk.
  • Avoid physical and mental stress as a factor that causes hormonal changes that cause an enlarged prostate. Are advised to take regular vacations.
  • Take steps to lower cholesterol because studies have shown the existence of a relationship between high cholesterol and prostate disorders (enlarged prostate or prostate cancer).
  • Avoid red meat, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Eating a low fat diet and eat many tomatoes, as it contains phytochemicals which reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer