8 Home Remedies for Neuralgia

Neuralgia is known as the irritation or inflammation of a nerve or nerves that cause sudden pain, sharp and very intense to start, first one and then spreads to other nearby areas.

In the case of facial neuralgia, pain can start in the cheekbones and then can be reflected to the forehead or chin. When pain affects the shoulder, may extend into the arm or ribs.

The discomfort often evolve as a crisis or attacks which may be triggered by diseases (eg herpes zoster affecting intercostal nerves, a bad cold or a tooth with advanced caries), wound healing, exposure to sudden changes temperature (hot or cold), certain movements (such as lifting a weight by adopting poor posture), calcium deficiency or vitamin B, alcohol abuse, stress, nervousness or depression.

Even the changes in the vertebrae, a misalignment of the jaw or dislocation of joints that pinches nerves or muscles tense or contracted can cause a headache.

Home Remedies

Remedy for neuralgia # 1: Boil for 5 minutes, 1 tablespoon of wort in a cup of water. Taking a rate of 2 to 3 cups a day.

Remedy for neuralgia # 2: Macerar100 grams of chamomile flowers for 3 hours in one liter of olive oil heated in a water bath. Then in a pan, filter once or twice soaking and keep in a bottle or jar with an airtight lid or screw cap. Then impregnate the fingers with a few drops of this oil and practice, as needed, massage of several minutes’ duration in the area where it has the neuralgia.

Remedy for neuralgia # 3: Put on the area of neuralgia gauze compress or hot water (1 minute) Once you lose the heat, place another compress. Repeat five times until it meets some relief (hydrotherapy remedy).

Remedy for neuralgia # 4: Drink a tea of sage or lemon balm. To do this, you must boil for 5 minutes, two tablespoons of sage or lemon balm in a cup of water. Take this tea when it is still warm, three times a day.

Remedy for neuralgia # 5: Boil oatmeal and make a hot poultice with this preparation. Apply on the area that has the neuralgia.

Remedy for neuralgia # 6: Prepare clay compresses. To do so, must be poured into a container (not metal), half a cup of powdered clay and then covering with hot water which should be tolerable to the touch. Then let it rest for a few minutes, after which they may be applied directly over the sore area.

Remedy for neuralgia # 7: Mix 50 ml of wort oil, 5 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of lemon balm or rose. Apply a gentle massage on affected parts.

Remedy for neuralgia # 8: Rub the area with neuralgia with essential rose oil or lemon balm diluted in sunflower oil. (Remedy of aromatherapy)


Recommendations to prevent neuralgia People who have suffered from neuralgia know how painful it can be. From there we offer a series of recommendations to prevent it:

Maintaining a balanced diet rich in whole grains
Consume yeast as a dietary supplement that contains B vitamins which is very effective in preventing neuralgia.
Not drinking alcohol, which can have detrimental effects on the nerves.
Gentle exercise regime to loosen and relax muscles and shrink and stretch your legs and rotating the joints of the feet if you are prone to suffer from neuralgia in those areas.
Avoid chewing gum, eating hard candy, and grit their teeth if it is prone to facial neuralgia.

Recommendations in case you have neuralgia

Adopt a special diet for cases of neuralgia in the jaw area with fluids and soft foods that require little mastication to ingestion. This avoids the constant effort of the muscles in the painful area.
Medical assistance in case of neuralgia pain will produce a very intense or when it persists after 10 days.