7 Home Remedies and Exercises for Sore feet

Usually people are not paying much attention or care to its feet and even subject them to various types of situations that may cause discomfort or pain and walking with very tight shoes or high heels.

However, it is important to note that the feet are a complex structure composed of 28 bones in each and with 107 ligaments, muscles, 31 tendons and 18 muscles that require nutrients supplied by a balanced diet and, in turn, is they provide care (such as massages, baths, etc.) in order to avoid pain, burning or irritation

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for sore feet # 1:. Soak the feet in a basin of warm water (neither too cold nor too hot) where adding one to two tablespoons of sea salt. Then rinse with clean, fresh, dry feet to tapping. Then apply circular massage with a moisturizer and drag force by the thumb and arch pain to remove.
  2. Remedy for sore feet # 2: Boil three cups of water for 10 minutes. Then add seven mint leaves. Remove from heat. When warm, place this preparation in a container large enough to fit your feet. Soak feet for 5 minutes. Then rinse with cool water.
  3. Remedy for sore feet # 3: Expose your feet to warm water for one minute and then with cold water for another minute. Alternating between hot and cold for 5 minutes. Finish with cold water. Do not use this remedy if you have diabetes or other health problems.
  4. Remedy for sore feet # 4: Soak for five minutes, feet in a bowl with little water, which should be warm and where it was added six drops of eucalyptus oil and six drops of rosemary oil. Move your feet into the water.
  5. Remedy for sore feet # 5: Rub your feet with witch hazel or vinegar water for a cooling effect that alleviates the pain.
  6. Remedy for sore feet # 7: Apply a teaspoon of castor oil by massaging both feet if in addition to sore feet feel irritation or excessive dryness. This massage should be done in a circular pattern on the soles of the feet and then firmly pressing each finger from its base.
  7. Remedy for sore feet # 8: Enter the sore feet in a basin of water containing 15 drops of peppermint essence. This remedy is very effective for those hot summer days. For winter we recommend the use of myrtle or the essence of geranium to be added to a basin of warm water. (Cure from the aromatherapy)


  • Elevate the feet. It is advisable, after a hard day’s work, sit down, put your feet up and move his fingers to restore circulation.
  • Walking and changing positions when standing. If you must stand for long, walk on the site or keep moving posture. Also, try resting one foot on a stool or a drawer.
  • Changing the height of the heels. Always wear high-heeled shoes squeeze the calf muscles and tendons shrink causing both pain and fatigue in the feet. It is therefore recommended heels of different heights during the week and even if it is high heels must be worn at the office, wear shoes for sports and forth from work.
  • Caring for the soles. Try to wear shoes with thick soles, and absorbent padded to protect your feet. Replace soles or buy other shoes as soon as you lose weight or wear too.
  • Using templates. Because of the high heels make your feet when walking, to slide forward causing great pressure on the toe, it is recommended the use of insoles in his shoes to help keep feet in place.
  • Stretch shoes. If by introducing templates for shoes, it appears that they are tight at the tip, perhaps you can stretch the shoe by placing omas or newspaper inside them.
  • Shaking his feet during the day If you feel some pain or cramping in the feet, is recommended to give a good shake, as when the hands are cramped. First you must shake his foot. Then relax and flex your fingers up and down several times. Then do the same with the other foot.

Below are a series of exercises ideal for removing the pain of the feet

Turn your feet To remove the stiffness of the feet after spending much time standing or sitting, you must sit in a chair, removed his shoes and then stretch the feet. Then made circles with both feet moving ankles 10 times to 10 times left and right. By turning the feet, toes should point down and then to as high as possible.

Standing calf stretch and barefoot, you should stop on the balls 10 times. Then rest and do three more sessions which boost circulation and relieve pain when moving the calf muscles and heels.

Standing Stretch your heels, place your hands against a wall at shoulder height. He leans forward como30 inches and then back to the same distance at all times keeping the heels in contact with the floor.

Sitting revitalize feet and barefoot, they should roll with the sole of each foot a tennis ball, golf, a rolling pin or epithelium of 12-ounce can of soda from one to two minutes Another exercise to revitalize your feet consists of the following : Sitting or standing, pencils or marbles scatter on the floor and then must try to pick them up with toes

Let your feet breathe. If more than a pain that you feel is burning feet, it might be because the shoes which prevents material from entering the air or synthetic socks that retain sweat. It is necessary to use natural material that allows the foot to breathe. It can also cause burning in the foot allergic reactions to dye new socks, dyeing of shoes or rubber compounds for athletic shoes.

Go to the doctor if these symptoms occur, which can be a sign of poor circulation, athlete’s foot, diabetes, anemia, thyroid abnormalities or other problems.

  • It has a persistent pain or burning in the feet and constant despite the massages and relaxing baths taken.
  • You can not put on shoes because the feet are very swollen
  • Having trouble taking the first steps after getting up in the morning