7 Home Remedies and Causes for Epistaxis or Nosebleeds

Epistaxis or nosebleeds are very common and usually present with no major complications.

Usually the children and the elderly are more likely to suffer from nosebleeds.

These usually are caused by:

  • Coup or local trauma
  • Blowing the nose too hard or repeatedly touching the inside
  • Localized infection in that area as rhinitis, sinusitis, naso-pharyngitis
  • Capillary fragility
  • Anemia
  • Side effect of hypertension and arteriosclerosis
  • Winter desiccation
  • To stop bleeding, and its complete cure and prevent recurrence while there are several natural remedies that can be used as follows:

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for nosebleeds # 1: Press your fingers over the nose (if soft) and breathing slowly through your mouth.
  2. Remedy for nosebleeds # 2: Apply cold cloths on his forehead and neck as the cold, especially on the cervical, excites the sympathetic nervous system, causing the contraction of blood vessels.
  3. Remedy for nosebleeds # 3: Soak cotton ball in lemon juice and place in nostrils. Changing them after half an hour.
  4. Remedy for nosebleeds # 4: Boil one cup water in a saucepan. Remove from heat and add 3 tablespoons of shepherd’s purse. Cover the pan, let sit for 5 minutes and filter. Soak a cotton ball with this infusion, drain and form two balls and place in nostrils. Breathing through the mouth. Shepherd’s purse is a plant used since antiquity for its coagulant and astringent properties.
  5. Remedy for nosebleeds # 5: Prepare a tea of nettles. To do this, you must take 3 tablespoons of dried nettle in a beaker of boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes. Dip a cotton ball with this brew and place into the bleeding nostril.
  6. Remedy for nosebleeds # 6: plug the bleeding side with cotton dipped in white vinegar. The acid in vinegar gently cauterized.
  7. Nosebleeds Remedy # 7 Mix in 20 g quantities of cypress, shepherd’s purse, ponytail and anise, in half a liter of water. Boil for 3 minutes, leave to infuse and strain. Soak a cotton pad and apply over the nostril, keeping the head tilted back for a few minutes.


Consume less salicylates. If a person is prone to suffer from nosebleeds should avoid foods with salicylates, relatives of aspirin, which are present in coffee, and some fruits such as peaches, apples, all berries, grapes and prunes.

Control blood pressure. The hypertensives showed a tendency to have nosebleeds. Therefore, it recommends eating foods low in fat and low in cholesterol.

Carefully choose oral contraceptives. Estrogen influences the production of mucus. Anything that upsets the balance of estrogen (such as oral contraceptive use) in the woman’s body may temporarily cause increased susceptibility to nosebleeds. Therefore, it is recommended if you suffer nosebleeds problems that women, with help from your doctor, choose the best alternative contraceptive for birth control.

No smoking. Smoking can cause dryness of the nasal cavity that may contribute to the occurrence of nosebleeds. It is therefore advised to stop smoking if you suffer frequently from this type of ailment.

Humidify the air. If you live in a dry environment, we recommend using a humidifier (especially having a capacity of several liters of water) which will prevent the nose from drying out and bleeding may occur.

However, it is necessary to keep it properly clean as it can be a source of mold which can worsen the condition of the nasal membranes. To this end, the device should be filled with equal parts water and white vinegar and let it run for at least 20 minutes.

Sit upright. If a person leans or tilts his head back, you can swallow the blood which may cause vomiting. Hence, it is recommended to sit with your head upright.

Eating foods with vitamin C, as is necessary for collagen formation, which generates a protective coating for wet and sinuses and nose.

Take iron. If you have frequent nosebleeds, we recommend eating foods with iron to restore blood flow, because often these hemorrhages are caused by anemia.

Immediate medical attention if:

  • Nose bleeding continues despite having applied different remedies.
  • The person suffering from nosebleed is elderly and suffers from arteriosclerosis.
  • The nosebleed starts in the back of the nose. That may happen if it clogs your nose and feel the blood running down the back of her throat.
  • The person often suffers from nosebleeds and bruising easily or is there a family history of clotting problems as they may be a sign of a problem in the blood.