14 Home Remedies for Mouth Sores or Canker Sores

Although it seems to be the same, lip sores (herpes labialis) and mouth (thrush) are totally different and it is important they could be identified.

Mouth sores or canker sores (from the Greek aphtai, burns) are characterized by a blister that has a yellow or grayish-white center with a red border well defined.

Its origin is unknown and not contagious. Usually measured three to five millimeters in diameter (like a pencil eraser) and appear on the inner surface lining of the lips or cheeks or in the membranes of the digestive tract. These are replaced by minor ulcerations that disappear without a sign.

While the sore sores (herpes labialis) begins as several blisters that eventually form a larger wound. They are caused by herpes simplex virus I, generally occur on or around (outside) of the lips and are highly contagious. In this case, the safest approach is to visit the doctor as being caused by a virus, more if you make frequent appearances.

To relieve pain and discomfort of mouth sores or canker sores can apply the following remedies:

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for mouth sores # 1: A natural remedy is to put on the sore with a swab, a little sugar of milk which can be purchased at pharmacies botanical ..
  2. Remedy for mouth sores # 2: Apply ground mustard on the sore three times a day. (Note: It is painful but is considered very effective.)
  3. Remedy for mouth sores # 3: Rinse mouth with an infusion of marigold three times a day.
  4. Remedy for mouth sores # 4: Rinse mouth with water and a compound of sea salt or a spoonful of baking soda dissolved.
  5. Remedy for mouth sores # 5: A grandmother’s remedy for sores of the mouth consists of sage tea with honey three times a day
  6. Remedy for mouth sores # 6: Rinse mouth with 10 or 15 g of blackberry leaves and stems of which will be introduced into the boiling water itself, cover the container and must stand for 10 minutes, as an infusion.
  7. Remedy for mouth sores # 7: Conduct two water rinses Carabaña daily.
  8. Remedy for mouth sores # 8: Eat an apple after every meal
  9. Remedy for mouth sores # 9: Give a dab of aloe vera gel on the sores or also make a mouthwash diluting the gel with water.
  10. Remedy for mouth sores # 10: Keeping a bit of molasses in the mouth near the sores.
  11. Remedy for mouth sores # 11: Make a mouthwash with a solution made of one tablespoon of pomegranate peel grated and boiled in a cup of water.
  12. Remedy for mouth sores # 12: Place a drop of hydrogen peroxide in each wound ..
  13. Remedy for mouth sores # 13: Rub the canker with a tea bag, or just drink some chamomile tea.
  14. Remedy for mouth sores # 14: Rinse with salt and vinegar.


For mouth sores are recommended:

  • Eating cold food only, as the hot can aggravate mouth sores
  • Controlling Emotional stress is important because, although it has an unknown origin, studies show that sometimes the stress can be the cause of mouth sores.
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth can hurt even more because the area.

For lip sores is recommended:

  • Do not kiss other people to be highly contagious.
  • Eat yogurt and foods containing vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid and iron.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods, salty or acidic.