13 Home Remedies for Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body that extends from the lumbar vertebrae (lower back) passes through the posterior thigh and leg to the heel of the foot.

The pain that travels along this route is known as sciatica. This occurs when there is pressure on the nerve caused by injuries to the lumbar vertebrae, nerve inflammation (neuritis) or contractions of the muscles near the sciatic nerve.

Pain can manifest itself in different ways:

* Slight tingling in the feet
* General feeling of soreness and stiffness.
* Cramp, spasm or burning of the hip to the knee
* Electric shock-like pain in the legs that can quickly change location
* Severe pain that can not walk properly
* People who have an increased risk of sciatica are:
* Those who have osteoporosis or arthritis
* Smokers
* Those who are always lifting heavy objects

Home Remedies

1. Sciatica Remedy # 1: Boil 4 potatoes and male to get a puree. Spread the puree on a large, clean cloth, as a poultice and placed on the lumbar region. Set with the help of a shirt. Keep well until it loses heat. Repeat a few times a day.
2. Sciatica Remedy # 2: Cut an onion in half and the inside of one half massage, using gentle circles, the affected area for 10 minutes. Repeat, if necessary, to the hour and a half or two hours.
3. Sciatica Remedy # 3: Apply very hot several cabbage leaves on the affected area. Leave in place until the heat loss.
4. Sciatica Remedy # 4: Prepare a poultice of hops. To do this, boil the wort for ten minutes and then wrapped in gauze. Apply all over the area that can withstand hot (without burning) and covered with a woolen cloth to retain heat better. Save water in this preparation to wet grass again when it cools.
5. Sciatica Remedy # 5: Massage the area with a mixture of ground ginger and sesame oil.
6. Sciatica Remedy # 6: Massage in the area, using gentle circular movements, fish oil or flaxseed oil.
7. Sciatica Remedy # 7: Take an infusion of valerian, passionflower (Passiflora) or kava kava to promote muscle relaxation if the sciatica is caused by muscle contractions that push the nerve.
8. Sciatica Remedy # 8: Chop 50 g. fresh horseradish root, washed but unpeeled, and added to a liter of white wine. Cover, let stand three weeks, strain and drink a cup 2 times daily before meals.
9. Sciatica Remedy # 9: Pour a cup of boiling water on two pinches of marjoram, two of anise, two and two rosemary mint. Let stand for five minutes to prepare. Drink one cup before bedtime.
10. Remedy for sciatica # 10: Boil for 15 minutes, a pint of water in a small willow bark. Strain to remove any sediment and have a cup every eight hours. Its content in salicin help ease the pain.
11. Remedy for sciatica # 11: Tying the leg where the pain feels like a rope that has nine knots (according to popular belief in some regions).
12. Remedy for sciatica # 12: Place a tablespoon of thyme, oregano and green nettle per liter of water. Boil for 15 minutes. Then turn off heat, let stand for 5 minutes and strain preparation. Take twice a day.
13. Remedy for sciatica # 13: Rub the affected part with nettle leaves.


Never bend the column to collect any object on the ground, it is necessary to flex the knees, because when we turned the column, the pressure exerted on the vertebrae is 10 times its weight.

Sleeping on a mattress suitable for the spine. To determine this, is required to lie face up and put his hand between the lumbar spine (above the buttocks) and the mattress. If the hand has difficulty going up or down, the mattress is going well. If you can not move his hand, is soft, and if it moves too easily, is very hard.

* Do not use tight-fitting clothes or tight
* Sit up straight.
* Avoid sudden exercise or practice certain positions and typical movements of yoga;
* No sitting in a chair very hard for a long time
* Avoid falls or sudden movements.
* Going to a doctor so he can diagnose whether it is indeed sciatica or, conversely, an intermittent claudication caused by poor arterial blood flow, because the latter has a pain in the lower back very similar to sciatica.