11 Home Remedies for Rheumatism

The term rheumatism is from the Greek word ‘rheuma’, which means swelling.

This is an acute or chronic disease characterized by a painful thickening and contraction of fibrous structures. Rheumatism interferes with physical movement and cause deformity.

Home Remedies

  1. Remedy for rheumatism # 1 A very curious folk remedy, but highly effective for curing rheumatism, is to always carry in his pocket a small potato which will not rot but will gradually, drying and hardening and when it is very hard to replace it should be discarded by a new one.
  2. Remedy for rheumatism # 2 Extract juice mustard, then heat the juice is soaked in a clean cloth strips and is applied in areas where you feel pain. Next place the strips on top of towels to stay warm longer.
  3. Remedy for rheumatism # 3 In Italy, some say black olives eat ten day cure rheumatism.
  4. Remedy for rheumatism # 4 In other places, is said to relieve rheumatism is often necessary to massage the base of the neck, mouth, stomach, below the Adam’s apple and the right temple.
  5. Remedy for rheumatism # 5 Develop an alcohol massage with 20 g of arnica flower, 20 g of lavender, rosemary 40 g, 40 g of wort and a liter of alcohol is introduced all the ingredients in a bowl and leave 9 days to marinate in the dark. During that time, shake every night. Then after 9 days, has to sneak through cheesecloth, squeezing the herbs well. Is applied over the painful area rubbing and massaging If the skin is somewhat tight, you can use after the massage lavender moisturizing gel.
  6. Remedy for rheumatism # 6: Prepare a healing juice with a clove of garlic, a quarter of an onion, a sprig of parsley, an orange and a stick of celery. Place all ingredients in a shaker. It is important that this juice is not casting. Take preferably in the morning.
  7. Remedy for rheumatism # 7: Boil 150 gr. en2 sage liters of water for 10 minutes. Let stand, drain and add to bath water.
  8. Remedy for rheumatism # 8: Apply a poultice. Its preparation is a small cloth bag filled with aromatic flowers and grass and inserted into 3 liters of water. Let boil for 1 minute and then kept in water, without fire. Then squeeze and apply very hot on the affected area.
  9. Remedy for rheumatism # 9: Boil several walnut leaves in a quart of water. Add 3 tablespoons of sea salt. Continue cooking. When boiling, remove from heat. Make a bath with this preparation daily for 15 successive days.
  10. Remedy for rheumatism # 10: Keeping a magnet in his pocket (according to popular beliefs in some regions.)
  11. Remedy for rheumatism # 11: Make a decoction of flowers and laurel leaves, elderberry, and application of this preparation in painful joints.


Wear metals.

For several years, says there are some metals like copper and silver, which have a positive effect on rheumatic problems. It is therefore highly advisable to wear a bracelet from one of these metals.

With reference to the location of the bracelet. In some sites to indicate it should be on the forearm between the elbow and wrist, but others say it may be in the wrist.

With regard to metal bracelets with two balls on the ends that are sold in commerce, there are diverse opinions. Some show a great improvement in using them while others do not.