10 Home Remedies for Renal Calculus or Kidney Stones

Stones or kidney stones develop in the urine from minerals such as calcium oxalate and / or phosphate, and uric acid.

The latter usually affect people with gout and other originating from urinary tract infections.

For years, people with stones have no visible symptoms until they suddenly start to suffer from kidney stones These stones can be dissolved in some cases, with folk remedies like these:

Home Remedies

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 1: A method used by the Indians of New Mexico to break up kidney stones is to take at the first signs, a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice which have entered the egg guan (unshelled).

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 2: In Amish communities located in the United States are diluted by kidney stones avocado leaf teas and lots of freshly squeezed apple juice.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 3: The seaweed fucus are very effective to dissolve kidney stones. To do so, must be taken daily, either as food or in pill form.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 4: A Gypsy remedy for kidney stones is to mix a pint of hot milk with equal amount of wine. It takes away the cream to form and add a handful of chamomile flowers. Then he put the fire until it is dissolved. It take one cup a day, especially when they feel cramps

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 5: An old remedy is German indicates that drinking four or five bottles of stout heated until boiling to remove stones.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 6: To help pass the stones, we recommend taking plenty of cucumber juice.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 7 To ease the pain of kidney stones, you should boil an ounce of fresh ginger in a quart of water for ten minutes. Then, place still warm, wet cloths with this setup where you feel pain or cramping.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 8: Another remedy for the pain is to put a poultice of wheat bran and hot water.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 9: To remove gravel and stones, you should eat daily a considerable amount of watercress or drinking 1 / 4 cup asparagus juice twice a day.

Remedy for Kidney Stones # 10: Pouring two handful of dandelion root in a cup of water and after boiling, then allow to rest for half an hour. This infusion, taken three times daily for two months, will help prevent the pain of the calculations and dissolves.


  • There are several recommendations to help combat kidney stones:
  • Take. at least 8 glasses of water.
  • Consuming fiber (at menos18 grams a day) and food containing vitamin A and B, as has been shown by studies to reduce the amount of calcium in the urine and thus reduces the chances of the generation of calculations.
  • Reducing the amount of animal protein, because it gives extra work to the kidneys. Therefore, we recommend eating more fish.
  • Check the medicines that are being used as antacids are sold over the counter containing high amounts of calcium which can contribute to stone formation.
  • Avoid consumption of beans, beets, spinach, blueberries, cauliflower, artichokes, cabbage. Also salt, sausage, mustard and seasonings in general.
  • Staying active (exercise, walking, etc..) Inactive because people tend to accumulate lots of calcium in their bloodstreams, while the activity helps restore calcium to your bones.
  • Carrying the calculation to the doctor, if evicted, to be analyzed in a laboratory and may determine the type of stone and will help you to avoid another in the future.

Try talking to your doctor as soon as possible if you have the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain
  • Blood in urine